Sunday, 23 October 2011

Disabled and depressed..:((

Dear reader,,the following is the reality of my life,,which i hate to admit and hesitatingly accept.
i'm a grown 20 yr old,,who cannot do the basic things in life like speaking my name,,my college's name,,interact ,,or to start or hold a conversation,,,i'm a guy who stutters....that's why im lonely and depressed....
Living with stuttering and social phobia is not easy and i wud'nt wish this life for anybody....
But one things for sure,,it is only me who has the power to turn things around,,to be more confident around people,,to accept my stuttering,,,and to be what i want to be...

But it is getting increasingly difficult to stay motivated becuz every stuttering episode destroys my confidence and my self esteem...its like a bullet wound that really hurts but doesnt really kill you.......every time i stutter ..negative thoughts and self doubt enter my mind...and i begin to question if i'm even capable of liveing and coping with the daily stresses of life....

With that being said ,,i'v finally started exercising,,,,just a little aerobics,,,,and i plan to practice progressive muscle relaxation technique in the park in the morning soon....becuz its a moderate panic provoking situation for me.....
Hope the progress made recently is no undone by stuttering....and i continue to gain confidence and raise my self wish me luck dear reader and GOD....:)))))).....:D

"The only thing standing between you and who you want to be is you."


  1. Hiya,
    Just popping in to say hello :) I can relate to a lot of stuff you write on your blog. Living with social anxiety is bad enough but add a stammer to that and it can make life seem pretty hopeless.
    I wonder if you know about this web based CBT program run by the University of Sydney for people who stutter and have social anxiety :
    I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's been quite helpful. It's totally free to use and you can log in any time you want. Just putting it out there :)
    Hope you're having a good weekend

  2. hey,,
    it feels really good that somebody understands and can relate to what i'm going through.
    I wanted to thank u for sharing the link,,i will surely look into it.
    I also wanted to express my good wishes for ur therapy program..
    have a nice day..:)


  3. As a fellow stutterer, I encourage you to not lose hope. There is a reason why this difficulty was put into our lives, and it's our job to conquer it. Good luck in your journey.

    Here's a poem I wrote about my stutter:

  4. hey Al,
    i want to thank you for the nice words and
    wish u good luck 2 .
    Grt poem by the way,it is through accepting and facing our stutter that we can reduce it..

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  6. hey ,i can totally understand, i feel the exact same thing for most of the day. Life is really frustrating and difficult...when you stutter...
    But there are good therapy programs out there that alongwith strong social support and our own psychological will, can help us greatly in becoming more confident.....:)