Tuesday, 29 November 2011

CBT for stuttering: A Powerful Tool

OK....i'v tried it all,,read it all,,know it all,,basically i know everything there is to know about stuttering,its causes ,'treatments' available in the market,,,etc,,and i want to categorically state here that i'v found the most effective,powerful and life changing 'therapy' for adult stuttering.
It's what the psychologist call as Cognitive behavioral therapy.In fact ,the name gives it away,this psychotherapy technique can be effectively used in attacking the stuttering monster ,that is inside us, where it the most,,yes you guessed it right,,the damn ICEBERG..!!!
All these years i was looking for escape technique which target only the tip of the iceberg i.e the overt or observable signs of stuttering,,which means the speech defect itself..
But these 'techniques' do nothing to target the feelings,attitudes and false beliefs (THE ICEBERG) associated with stuttering that have made a comfortable home in our hearts..

CBT for stuttering is only meant for those individuals whose goal is not perfection,,but whose goals are to improve their quality of life(QOL),to be confident in daily life situations,to stop the avoidance practices and to live life in the moment..

CBT helps the stutterer question how he can be so sure that it is a terrible thing if others here him stutter..and helps to reframe or restructure the beliefs..
It is best to approach a qualified psychologist ,,but the option of online CBT is also avalaible....
Trust me ,,,i have noticed much improvement in my speech,mood and self esteem since i'v taken CBT,,but there are still 'miles to go before i sleep'....

Here is a useful link i came across for stutterers suffering form social anxiety...


  1. I would like to more abt CBT

  2. :) Glad to hear you're finding CBT useful. I've been going to a CBT group for social anxiety for about 10 weeks now and it's the best thing I could have done for my SA and my stammer

  3. @SID- i'm sure you would benefit from this therapy like me ,if you work at it,,there are many online resource you can look up to know more about it..

    @MEL- i cannot express in words,how thankful i am to you for providing me that link..its been helpful...
    i'm a college student and recently i had to face viva voce/oral test for my exams and i surprised myself at how relaxed i was...it did'nt cure my stutter,,but i felt free...u know ,,,without worry about evaluation....
    So happy that you're doing well too...best wishes to you.....:)))

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