Thursday, 16 June 2016

Cognitive behavioural therapy

It's been so long since I've posted. I've graduated from college, changed very many jobs, suffered massive emotional setbacks.I now have a somewhat stable job, I'm undergoing CBT from a very good therapist in a great healthcare facility. And it is helping me heal well. My greatest problem at this point in my life is speaking in groups. I experince massive blocks in those situations. I can manage one on one conversations up to a certain extent. There's been a drastic improvement in my emotional state, how I see myself and various other issues in life. Although my fluency is pretty much the same. But I'm afraid to be too optimistic. I don't wanna jinx the little progress that I've made. The goal given by my therapist this week is to focus on speaking to a single person in a group and blur out and ignore the rest of the people standing around. I'm gonna try. CBT involves identifying and then replacing faulty thoughts that cause harmful anxiety. In my opinion it's very helpful. I prefer it over speech therapy, i think that sucks. What do you think? Comment...

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